Salikhov Marcel R.

President, Principal Director on Economic Studies, Head of the Economic Department

Dr Salikhov has worked at the FIEF since it was established in 2004. On January 31, 2020, he was elected as the President of the Institute.

Dr Salikhov is the co-ordinator and head of the FIEF economic projects. He has a relatively wide range of interests, including real development issues for the world economy, global trade and financial markets, as well as problems of the Russian energy sector.

Dr Salikhov graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology with a degree in Financial Management. He got PhD in economics in 2008 («Managing Intellectual Capital at High-Tech Enterprises on a Value-Based Management»). Prior to 2005, Dr Salikhov worked in the strategic planning department at V-Ratio Business Consulting Company as a consultant and was responsible for developing financial models to evaluate values of corporations.

Basic projects

  • Strategy for the social and economic development of Samara region for the period up until 2020 (adjustment).
  • The chapter «Mechanisms for Interregional Mutual Action to Support Regional Social and Economic Development» as part of a working group report for the State Council of Russia on regional social and economic planning.
  • The core strategy for the social and economic development of Samara region for the period up until 2015.
  • The economic development of the Middle Volga region in the mid-term. The institutional aspects of merging regions.
  • A variant forecast to establish a Russian electricity market based on global experiences in setting up electricity markets
  • An economic analysis of co-operation between Russia-the European Union, and Russia-EU governments (the Baltic counties, Poland, Germany, Scandinavia, etc.). An analysis of the European electricity market.
  • An extended economic analysis of the scheme for placement of power facilities until 2020.
  • Contributed to a report for the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on the business climate in Russia in 2007: «Russia’s Innovative Path: Is the Mission Completed?»
  • Housing management system reform strategy
  • Preparing regular reports on the Russian economy for GlobalSource (U.S.)

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