The Institute provides a wide range of services in the field of economic analysis and forecasting, as well as in developing program and strategic documents for corporate clients, government bodies and international organizations.

We are ready to:

  • elaborate for you new ideas and full-fledged business development strategies;
  • carry out a comprehensive risk analysis;
  • identify promising sales markets;
  • analyze the competitive environment for your products;
  • work out the company’s position on new legislative initiatives and regulatory measures, incl. in foreign countries;
  • assess investment projects;
  • develop effective marketing campaign and PR-support initiatives;
  • organize closed or open discussion of the issues of interest among the leading foreign and Russian experts.

The most common tasks we perform include:

  • comprehensive risk analysis;
  • elaboration of the development strategy for different areas of the company’s activities;
  • analysis and forecasting sales markets for energy resources and industrial products;
  • comprehensive analysis of particular countries economy and regions of the company’s presence;
  • analysis of changes in legislation and government regulation, incl. in foreign countries;
  • analysis of the prospects for industrial implementation, distribution and competitiveness of new technologies (primarily in the energy industry).

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