Research and consulting in the field of functioning and development of oil and gas markets have been one of the main activities of the FIEF since its establishment. As of 2019, the FIEF is one of the leading independent research centers in Russia and the CIS countries engaged in the analysis of national and international oil and gas markets conditions and integration.

The FIEF is one of the main consultants of the Russian Ministry of Energy, the Eurasian Economic Commission, Rosneft Oil Company PJSC, Gazprombank JSC, Gazprom Export LLC and a number of other Russian companies as regards the development of international oil and gas markets. Under the instructions of the Russian Ministry of Energy, the FIEF is responsible from the Russian side for analytical support of the official Energy dialogue between Russia and the EU in the gas sector. The FIEF’s President, Vladimir I. Feygin, is a co-chair of the EU-Russia Gas Advisory Council. The FIEF’s employees have gained a long-term experience in practical cooperation with the European Commission, regulators and oil and gas companies of the EU countries.

The FIEF also actively participates in Russia’s Energy dialogue in the oil and gas sector with China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the OPEC.

The main FIEF’s projects in the field of oil and gas markets analysis for the recent years relate to:

  • the development and promotion of the model of Russia’s gas market reforming (2015–2018);
  • the development of the of the Concept of the Eurasian Economic Union common gas market formation and advising the Eurasian Economic Commission on the removal of barriers and restrictions for the development of the EAEU common gas market (2015–2019);
  • the designing and use of an integrated and interconnected system of strategic models for the development of the Russian oil complex, including the forecasting of the associated petroleum gas production (2015–2019) commissioned by six major Russian oil and gas companies;
  • the development of the Master plan for Russia’s oil industry development for the period up to 2035 (2014–2019) by the order of the Russian Ministry of Energy;
  • the consulting in the area of development of gas exchange trading and management of domestic gas demand (2013–2019);
  • the development of a target model of exchange trading in natural gas (2014) for the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange (as the analytical support for the launch of exchange trading in natural gas in Russia commenced in October 2014);
  • a forecast modeling of gas demand and supply development in Europe in the period up to 2050 (2013–2015);
  • a short- and medium-term modeling of shale oil and gas production in the United States (2017–2019);
  • an analysis and a forecast modeling of the American LNG competitiveness in the European and Asian markets (2017–2019);
  • an analysis and a forecast modeling of demand for gas and other fuel & energy resources in China and India (2019);
  • a scenario analysis and modeling of the future development of world energy, including gas markets, in the framework of Global Energy transition and low carbon development (2017–2019).

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