Smooth function of economy depends on efficiency of the financial sector. Various financial indicators — exchange and interest rates, affordability of capital resources govern the general financial and business environment. Current shape and development of capital markets determines behavior of companies and sets the growth trend.

Therefore, both, the continuous analysis of current capital market trends and Consistent development of an effective national financial system are required. Institute of Energy and Finance monitors the global and Russian capital markets and actively participates in the debate aimed at improvement of capital market mechanism.

Employees of the Institute gained extended professional experience in leading financial institutions: Central Bank of Russia, Rosbank, Rosselkhozbank, Deloitte & Touche and hold academic degrees. They participated in analytical research for various material made available to a number of officials, including a report presented to the President of Russia. They also participated in working groups of the Presidium of the RF State Council, Interregional Bank Council of the Council of Federation of the RF (Upper Chamber of Parliament), etc.

Types of assignments performed

  • Consistent research of trends in capital, monetary and foreign exchange markets
  • Compiling of analytical notes, reports and forecast benchmarks in economics and finance
  • Participation in conferences, forums, meetings and academic seminars
  • Compiling of analytical notes for findings commissioned by banking associations and non-government organizations for the purpose of informing the government regulators
  • Compiling of analytical material used in reports provided to various officials
  • Publications on financial topics in leading economic media — Expert, Voprosy Ekonomiki, Money and Credit, Economist (Russian magazine), Bankovskaye Delo, Banking Law, Russian Economic Journal, media published by State Duma (the Parliament) and Council of Federation of the RF (Upper Chamber of Parliament)
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