Gazprom is not interested in speeding up the NS-2 certification

Alexey Belogoryev’s interview with the internet portal “Svobodnaya pressa”

"This goes beyond all borders": Putin explained, what caused the jump in gas prices in Europe

Commentary by Aleksey Gromov to Business FM

"Poland has carved itself." Who will be the main loser from the energy crisis in the EU

Commentary by Aleksey Gromov to Gazeta.Ru

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The "Institute for Energy and Finance" Foundation (FIEF or in Russian "ИЭФ") is an independent think-tank for economic and financial analysis of world and Russian economy, energy and financial sectors. The scope of FIEF competence includes a comprehensive factor analysis of the current issues for world and Russian economy, energy and finance sectors, as well as the promotion and popularization of obtained knowledge to assist in the formation of an objective understanding of world and Russian economy and energy development, their driving forces and key uncertainties for the future.

In October 2019 FIEF celebrated its 15th anniversary.

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