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"A Triple Alliance" did not work out

08 December 2022

Gromov Alexey I. Principal Director on Energy Studies, Head of the Energy Department

Alexey Gromov, Principal Director on Energy Studies of the Institute for Energy and Finance, commented on the Kommersant FM radio station about the prospects for a "triple gas union" between Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan refuses to participate in the "tripartite gas union". The Energy Ministry said the country will continue to import energy on the basis of commercial contracts. Participation in any alliance is not required for this. The idea of creating a "tripartite alliance" in the gas sector was discussed at the end of November by the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan.

The Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan reported that the transfer of its energy networks does not meet the national interests of the republic. Probably, this was one of the conditions for creating a "triple alliance", Aleksey Gromov suggests.

He notes that Uzbekistan lacks its own resources to fulfill gas contracts with China, as well as supply fuel to consumers within the country. Apparently, Russia offered Tashkent to use its reserves, Kommersant FM's interlocutor believes:

“From 2023, the volume of gas supplies to Europe will sharply decrease. Therefore, the fuel must be redirected to other markets. The Chinese track has been worked out to the maximum, and we can send the remaining volumes through the pipeline only to export markets through the countries of Central Asia. Fortunately, we have a common energy infrastructure with these countries.

The subtle point, apparently, is connected with the negotiations on Russia's participation in control over the gas transportation infrastructure of the countries of the region, which, I think, is not very pleasant to our Central Asian partners, who would like to maintain the practice of concluding specific supply contracts. There is a feeling that the Central Asian countries are not very happy with such Russian initiatives. Moscow needs to offer more flexible solutions.”

Gromov Alexey I. Principal Director on Energy Studies, Head of the Energy Department
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