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Gas prospects in the global economy will be determined by the struggle of two approaches

14 March 2021

Salikhov Marcel R. President, Principal Director on Economic Studies, Head of the Economic Department

Marcel Salikhov, Director of the Center for Economic Expertise of the National Research University Higher School of Economics commented to the Economics Segodnya FBA on the prospects for using gas in the world economy.

Building the energy sector of the future has prepared two scenarios for gas, Marcel Salikhov, a leading researcher at the Higher School of Economics, noted in a comment for the Economics Segodnya FBA.

“There are two opposite points of view on the future of gas. The first of them is favorable for gas: its essence is that for the transition to a "bright carbon-free future" you need a bridge fuel - a transitional fuel for several decades that will support renewable energy sources. It is impossible to completely switch to renewable energy sources, a significant share of traditional generation should remain," Salikhov concludes.

“This point of view means that an increase in the share of RES will lead to an increase in the share of gas. This approach is encouraged by many gas producers, claiming that this raw material is optimal for the development of renewable energy sources,” Salikhov sums up.

There is a second, more radical view, which consists in the simultaneous rejection of both oil and gas.

“This point of view means a simultaneous rejection of transitional fuel and a shift to alternative energy resources. There is a lot of talk about hydrogen energy and the fact that it is possible to immediately switch to this direction,” Salikhov says.

“However, there are many uncertainties about hydrogen: there is no industrial production of this raw material, there are many questions about how much such fuel will cost. Gazprom's position on hydrogen is based on the thesis, that it can be produced from methane. Accordingly, a hydrogen future does not necessarily mean that gas is not needed: there are technologies for its use,” Salikhov concludes.

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