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Bioplastics: Green Advantage or Marketing Ploy?

05 August 2021

Titov Alexander V. Head of the Global Oil Market Sector, Energy Department

Alexander Titov commented to Rupec on the prospects for developing the bioplastics market.

According to Alexander Titov, Head of the Global Oil Market Sector at the Institute for Energy and Finance, the use of bioethanol-based bioplastics reduces CO2 emissions during production, but does not solve the problem of plastic waste, as well as biodegradable plastics (from petroleum products with additives), which require special conditions for composting.

"This constrains the potential for the development of bioplastics. Also, this type of plastics cannot be recycled with conventional plastics, which can deteriorate the quality of the collected waste when mixed in containers for recycling," the expert noted, stressing that this reduces the efficiency of recycling processes.

In addition, in his opinion, biodegradable plastics can create a false impression among consumers that they can simply throw them away without harming the environment.

"Thus, the current environmental benefits of both biomaterial and biodegradable plastics can be questioned. These properties do not yet compensate for the damage caused by improper disposal of plastic waste. Here, as in recycling, technological breakthroughs are needed," Titov says.

Titov Alexander V. Head of the Global Oil Market Sector, Energy Department
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