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Anti-Russian sanctions against China

08 February 2022

Gromov Alexey I. Principal Director on Energy Studies, Head of the Energy Department

Alexey Gromov, Principal Director on Energy Studies at the Institute for Energy and Finance, commented to the Internet portal "Oil and Capital" regarding the prospects for the development of cooperation between Russia and China in the oil and gas sector.

Alexey Gromov believes that the new contracts between Rosneft and Gazprom are primarily important from a political point of view:

“With the help of them, we demonstrate to our European partners that such a large developing economy as China is interested in Russian gas supplies,” the expert noted.

As for the reality of the Power of Siberia-3 project, Gromov emphasized, it is worth remembering that the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok pipeline is underloaded:

“Initially, it was assumed that it would meet the gas needs not only of the Far East, but also have an export potential. The resource base is Sakhalin deposits. Initially, they wanted to make the Yuzhno-Kirinskoye field the main resource base of the gas pipeline, but now it is under sanctions, so the prospects for its development depend entirely on the success of import substitution in underwater gas production technologies. But the resource possibilities of this direction are not exhausted by it. Theoretically, gas resources from the Sakhalin-1 project, which at one time were supposed to be used to implement the Rosneft LNG project, can be connected to it. Moreover, last year Rosneft already asked to consider the possibility of allowing it, on an experimental basis, to export pipeline natural gas,” Gromov said.

Gromov Alexey I. Principal Director on Energy Studies, Head of the Energy Department
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