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Russian coal to Asia and the EU

26 April 2022

ТЕМЫ: Energy

Alexander Titov, Head of the Global Oil Market Sector at the Energy Department, commented to RBC TV Sputnik about changes in the global coal trade due to anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the EU countries.

In this issue, we discuss the negotiations between Russia and India on the supply of coal. What volume can be discussed? How stable can these streams be? Which of the Russian coal miners will win? At the same time, deliveries to China more than doubled. Will it be possible to maintain such supplies? Should we wait for a decrease in demand due to lockdowns in China? Will total coal exports to India and China compensate for the loss of the European market?

Russian coal miners turned to the East. Despite the "green" agenda, global coal prices are rising, and with them, Russia's export earnings. How long can this trend continue?

In Europe, problems began due to their own bans. The first coal mine in 30 years have been given the go-ahead in Britain. Brussels talks about problems with coal. How much will it cost them to give up our coal?

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