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Real numbers: how much does gasoline cost?

13 September 2021

Marcel Salikhov, President of the Institute for Energy and Finance, took part in the “OTRazhenie” program on the OTR TV channel devoted fuel prices.

Fuel has dropped in price. Prices fell for the first time in a year. According to Rosstat, on average - by 15 kopecks (48.93 per liter). Of these: the 92nd became cheaper by 17, the 95th - by 16, the 98th - by 8. And diesel fuel became more affordable by 7 kopecks.

Marcel Salikhov:

- Yes, indeed, there is a seasonality, because demand traditionally increases for both gasoline and diesel fuel in the summer. This year, there was additional growth in the gasoline market, due to the fact that, apparently, many citizens used their private transport to go on vacation. And this was evident - the demand for gasoline this year exceeded the indicators compared to last year.

- Accordingly, the situation for diesel fuel is different now - the demand continues to grow, although it should decrease seasonally. However, we are seeing a slight decline in prices. I think that it is due to the fact that the authorities are quite actively trying to motivate oil companies not to raise or lower prices. There is a damper mechanism. There are mandatory requirements for the sale on the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange. There is a threat of a ban on exports. And in these conditions, the companies meet halfway.

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