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We can lag behind seriously and for a long time

05 August 2021

ТЕМЫ: Energy

Marcel Salikhov took part in the program “Here and Now. Evening Show "on the Dozhd TV channel, dedicated to the creation of a working group to adapt the Russian economy to the global "energy transition".

The Russian authorities have nevertheless begun to prepare for a future with low demand for hydrocarbons - that is, for what our country has been successfully exporting for decades. RBC, citing its sources, reports that the government will create working groups to study options for adapting to the global energy transition. First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov should be the curator of the working groups. Is Russia finally going to leave the so-called "oil needle"? We talked about this with the author of the article in RBC Ivan Tkachev and economist Marcel Salikhov.

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