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Prospects for Russian gas in China

Katkov Daniil A. Expert
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The Oil and Gas Vertical magazine (October 2021 (492)) published an article by Daniil Katkov, an expert at the Institute for Energy and Finance - "Prospects for Russian gas in China".

The “Power of Siberia” gas pipeline is just starting its full-fledged work on gas transportation to China. In the future, it may not only become the main gas export channel but also provide supplies to the regions of the Russian Far East. At the present time, a number of questions have been formed regarding the situation on the hydrocarbon market in this region. What is happening on the PRC gas market now? Can China meet its own demand? Does China really need Russian gas, and is it profitable to buy it? And what are the prospects for the “Power of Siberia 2” gas pipeline?

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Katkov Daniil A. Expert
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