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Will oil prices rise in 2016?

21 December 2015

Sergey Agibalov, Head of the Sector «Economics and Finance» of the Economic Department of the Institute for Energy and Finance gave comments to the «Arguments and Facts» magazine on the dynamics of oil prices in 2016:

«Oil prices, in my opinion, will definitely rise next year. Another question is how much. Under the optimistic scenario, oil will cost $ 50 per barrel, under the negative scenario, around $ 40. A slight increase in the cost of energy resources will be affected by changing „Black gold“ production both in the United States and in other supplying countries. But much more important is the positive state of the Chinese economy, which stabilizes resource prices. In China, the real estate market is finally recovering… All these signals indicate that the Chinese are not only will not reduce, but on the contrary — will increase the consumption of oil and other fuels».

The commentary is available at: http://www.aif.ru/dontknows/actual/budet_li_v_2016_godu_dorozhat_neft

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