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Gas conspiracy

19 December 2014

Vladimir Feygin President (2011-2020), Principal Director (2005-2010)

Vladimir Feigin, President of the Institute for Energy and Finance commented to the Kommersant newspaper on the upcoming EU energy union against Russia.

"… the approach of the European Commission in gas relations with Russia is becoming more and more tough, while Gazprom is also changing its attitude towards investments in Europe." The point of no return has not yet been passed, but the fork is clearly visible — we need to understand whether we remain strategic partners in the gas sector, about which the agreements were signed, or we are just trading partners, " the expert says.

Read the entire commentary and article: http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/2636160

Vladimir Feygin President (2011-2020), Principal Director (2005-2010)
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