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What to expect from cryptocurrencies

31 August 2023

Tanasova Anna S. Deputy Head of the Financial analysis Department, Head of the Financial research sector

Anna Tanasova, Deputy Head of the Financial analysis Department at the Institute for Energy and Finance, commented to the Sputnik Abkhazia radio station about the dynamics of cryptocurrency exchange rates.

She noted that the cryptocurrency is a very volatile asset both downward and upward, which is very attractive for speculators.

"In August, the value of the cryptocurrency fell sharply, and then increased sharply. And the price fluctuation is quite high – 7-10 percent. Why? The other day, an American court satisfied the demands of private companies and created a precedent that allows you to expand the possibilities of investing in bitcoins. The market reaction was positive, and the value of cryptocurrencies increased," the economist explained.

There are many factors affecting the cryptocurrency exchange rate, Anna Tanasova added, including rising inflation and geopolitical tensions.
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