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Huseyin Avni Bicakli

Huseyin Avni Bicakli

Deputy Secretary General of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)

Ambassador Huseyin Avni Bicakli, Deputy Secretary General of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)

Ambassador Huseyin Avni Bicakli (Turkish national) is ECO Deputy Secretary General (since November 2018) in charge of Energy, Minerals and Environment (EME) Directorate, Human Resources & Sustainable Development Directorate, Administration and Management Section, IT Section and International Relations Section.

            Born in Isparta/Turkey, Dr. Huseyin Avni Bicakli graduated in 1981 from the International Relations Branch of the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Ankara; received his MA degree in the field of International Relations in 1983 from the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Ankara; obtained his PhD degree in 1989 in the field of Political Science and Public Administration from the Faculty of Politiьcal Sciences of the same University.

            Joined the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Republic of Turkey in February 1982, Dr. Bicakli has served at Turkish diplomatic missions in Switzerland, Ireland, Romania, Israel and Palestine.

            Dr. Bicakli has represented his county in Jerusalem as acting Ambassador to Palestine during the years of 2000 and 2005; and, in Ashgabad as Ambassador to Turkmenistan during 2008-2011. Appointed by the Council of Ministers of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in April 2018, Dr. Bicakli is currently serving as the ECO Deputy Secretary General.

            Dr. Bicakli has authored a book titled: “Turkey-Bulgaria Relations (1878-2008)” published by Imge Press House in 2015, whereas he has written several articles on Turkish Foreign Policy and International Relations, appeared in different national and international academic journals.

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