Research spirit

In our work, we value the research spirit most of all, which allows us to perceive each task as a creative challenge and an opportunity to discover something really new and valuable for our customers, society and for ourselves. This spirit cannot be imitated, it can only be created by long years of painstaking work of many creative and caring people.

Combining tradition and innovation

The average age of our team is a little over 30 years old, and we are not afraid of new approaches, fresh technologies, unusual and unexpected tasks. At the same time, we value traditions, knowing well that any new knowledge is on the shoulders of our predecessors and our own experience.

Freedom of thought

We value freedom of thought, its impartiality, ability to go beyond established approaches, to look at the problem from a non-standard point of view. A broad outlook and commitment to systematic, comprehensive analysis is important for us — what is required of each of our employees. Ultimately, all the people see approximately the same events, numbers, facts, but the depth of their perception depends on how much they know and understand the context of what is happening.


Every human being is a unique, inimitable person. This is how we treat our employees, our customers and our colleagues. There is nothing more valuable than a person. We do not believe in the effectiveness of unification and marching in formation. Any text must have an author’s handwriting, must be born and sometimes even suffered within the human personality. But at the same time, we believe in a team spirit — in importance of mutual creative enrichment, ability to rely on support of like-minded people and associates.

Openness to the world

The most dangerous thing in modern science is to lock yourself in your cozy office and isolate yourself from the world in a narrow circle of close colleagues. A scientist should always be cramped in his circle. We feel a vital need for broad communication, exchange of opinions and heated discussion. We are not looking for consensus at all and in general, we doubt the value of certain average opinions. But we believe that thoughts should live, move freely, be collided about thoughts of other people. In other words, the truth is born if not in a dispute, then on basis of the dispute. This is where our active international cooperation grows — something, that has always been and remains the hallmark of the Institute.


Freedom must go side by side with responsibility, otherwise chaos ensues. We cherish our reputation, earned by years of hard work, and we demand the same from all our employees and contractors. We strictly ensure that our analysis based on reliable facts, proven methods, and contains convincing and reasoned conclusions. We strive to improve continuously the quality control system of our work.

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