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WIEN Group

Worldwide Independent Energy Network

Statement of principles

The Worldwide Independent Energy Network (WIEN) (also known as the Baden-Baden Group, named after the location of its initial meeting in March 2007), is a Network of international energy experts from many countries who have come together to address critical energy issues. The first step in this initiative was the foundation of the “Baden-Baden Group” (referred to as the Group hereafter) – a regular meeting of energy specialists, which was initiated by the Moscow-based Institute of Energy and Finance. The Group has held five successful meetings: Baden-Baden Germany in March 2007, Vienna Austria in November 2007, Padua Italy in April 2008, Istanbul Turkey in November 2008 and Barcelona Spain in April 2009.
The primary concerns of WIEN are to address:

  • the accelerating pace and complexity of global energy problems,
  • the limited recognition of the long-term and global nature of such problems,
  • the limited and often unfocused response of the decision makers to energy challenges,
  • the adversarial manner in which many of these problems and challenges are expressed by both decision makers and the media,
  • the limited mutual recognition of differing national interests in relation to energy problems and challenges.

WIEN’s role will be to promote independent and open discussion, give opinions and evaluate possible solutions on critical energy issues. It will provide its expertise to assist policy makers, companies and other stakeholders in understanding and analyzing complex global energy problems. WIEN believes that many of the energy issues highlighted by politicians and mass media often result in alarmist statements about minor issues, and neglect analysis of major unresolved energy challenges.
The Network is independent of any organisation and acts as a collection of individuals, with administration being handled by the Institute of Energy and Finance. Involvement is based primarily on a member’s personal ability, knowledge and reputation, and on their interest in specific issues which are being addressed by WIEN. Specific activities or projects will require the input of persons (and possibly institutions) qualified in such activities and those involved will vary on a case-by-case basis.
WIEN’s current focus is based on its collective expertise on oil and natural gas issues in the Eurasia region, specifically relations between European Union and Russia. The Network is currently studying and addressing issues associated with:

  • natural gas liberalisation and unbundling,
  • the potential impact of the Energy Charter Treaty and its Transit Protocol as well as alternative existing and potential instruments.
  • prevention of energy disputes

It is expected that WIEN will subsequently address issues of how Caspian, Middle East, Asian, North American and global energy balances and developments can best be projected and analyzed.

For more information regarding Worldwide Independent Energy Network, please visit official website of WIEN Group.


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