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Statement by the President of IEF

Energy and finance are key areas for the Russian economy and are important sectors in resolving the main development problems for the country in the 21st century. The global financial crisis and industrial recession have increased the importance of energy and finance for Russia to a critically important level. In creating a modern, effective financial system and updating all energy sectors, Russia could establish a wide-ranging system for upgrading all economic and social structures.

The Institute for Energy and Finance presents itself as a new type of research institute that emerged through the real conditions of scientific life in Russia during the difficult transformational crisis in the early 21st century. The scientific crisis in the early 1990s demanded radical measures, such as reviving research centered on tested base theories and the work of experienced specialists, as well as attracting modern, educated young researchers.

IEF research is focused in several areas. The institute's main focus is researching the current state and development of the global gas sector, with special emphasis on the Russian and European gas markets. The IEF is constantly focusing on researching and drafting corresponding Russian initiatives for transforming the work of key energy markets, regulating global and regional energy, studying global economic growth and business cycles and analyzing demand for energy, above all for oil and gas. The IEF also studies the problems of the global banking system and financial markets, as well as financial reforms made during the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

The IEF has worked for large companies, such as Russian gas giant Gazprom and Gazprombank, and has provided expert support for several leading government agencies, including the Energy Ministry and the Industry and Trade Ministry. The IEF has direct contacts with leading foreign scientific and international organizations.

The IEF's growing team of researchers and analysts is able to resolve increasingly difficult tasks. The IEF is ready to move forward along with its clients and partners, staying a step ahead of the global financial crisis as it looks far beyond the horizon. The danger of the global recession for Russia and for our clients is becoming increasingly clear. A new ambitious task has now taken shape - to use the possibilities of the global crisis in energy and finance to develop Russia and contribute to the success of our partners.