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  • International Conference "Insurance and risk management in the energy sector" was held in the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation in Moscow on May 18, 2016

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    19 May 2016, IEF

    05/19/2016 // International Conference "Insurance and risk management in the energy sector" was held in the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation in Moscow on May 18, 2016

     A comprehensive discussion of the practical issues of developing the system of insurance and risk management in the Russian energy sector, including improvement of the legal framework, financial instruments, tariff and investment policy, as well as implementation of advanced international technologies to reduce the risks and improve the safety of the Russian energy sector took place.

     At the Opening of the Panel discussion "International experience of risk management in the energy sector" Chief director for energy of the Institute for Energy and Finance Alexey Gromov delivered a Welcome address of Pavel Zavalny, Chairman of the State Duma Committee of Energy, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, President of the Russian Gas Society.

     The keynote speech titled as "Insurance features in the Energy Sector" was made by Igor Jurgens, President of the All-Russian Union of Insurers. Also the actual presentations at the  Panel Discussion was made by Andrey Yuryev, President of the National Union of Liability Insurers with the  topic "The features of the compulsory insurance of dangerous objects liability in the energy sector", Alexey Rybnikov, President of JSC "St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange" with the  topic "Deliverable exchange contract as a tool of risk management and pricing" and Sergry Sedov, Deputy Director for International Projects Insurance JSC "SOGAZ" with the topic "Risk insurance problems of major investment projects in the energy sector".

     Asiko  Javakhyan, Adviser to the Minister of Energy of Russia took part as the moderator and key speaker of the Round table "The ratio between the Government regulation and Risk-based approach at the Russian energy enterprises” with the report "Legal regulation and the basic security problems in the energy sector". Roman Tikhonenko, President AIG, CJSC made a presentation "Evaluation of the risk management system effectiveness in the oil and gas industry from the point of view of the insurance company".

     An interesting discussion with the participation of the delegates from more than 45 energy and insurance companies took place upon completion of the reports included in the Conference programme.

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