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Oil & Gas

Natural resources have almost always played the determining role in a country's economy. A growth in global energy prices and demand has increased even more the role of the oil and gas sector in a country's economy and questions concerning energy supplies are now among the key political problems of international relations. The IEF takes a direct part in establishing Russian energy policy and actively works with European governments and academic institutions to draft mutually-beneficial, non-discriminatory policies in the energy sector between Russia and European countries.

Completed Projects

  • An updated energy strategy for Russia up until 2020 and its extension until 2030.
  • Verifying ways to improve how prices are set for natural gas.
  • Analyzing the experience, researching the prospects for and developing programs and organizing the Industrial Energy Foresight project.
  • Drafting and monitoring a "Road Map" for international co-operation to strengthen the development of energy both nationally and on a global scale.