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Modernizing the economy requires a thorough and comprehensive view of current conditions and developing the necessary economic policies. Overcoming barriers to development and creating favorable conditions for economic growth is possible only amid effective macroeconomic regulation. Ever since it was established, the IEF has actively taken part in work by government institutions to draft strategic documents and economic policy.

As Russia becomes increasingly involved in international processes and develops its relations with Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union, it is necessary to understand those countries' economic development trends. The IEF closely follows the economic situation and regularly publishes reports on the problems and prospects for economic growth in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Completed Projects

  • GUAM. Changes in the Economies of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova.
  • Economic Prospects for the Eastern Baltic Region
  • An economic analysis of co-operation between Russia-the European Union, and Russia-EU governments (the Baltic counties, Poland, Germany, Scandinavia, etc.). An analysis of the European electricity market.
  • Global Source