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Regional Development

The gap between individual Russian regions in key development indicators has reached 20- to 30-fold, which corresponds to the numerous differences among the diverse members of the United Nations. In such conditions drafting measures and proposals to balance out the development of Russian regions and preparing strategic documents at the regional level are some of the most important areas of activity for federal agencies and the Russian expert community. The IEF takes active part in drafting strategy and programs for the social and economic development of Russian regions, and conducts various regional and interregional research, as well. The IEF is active in implementing new results of scientific research in regional development, particularly in creating a classification system of Russian regions that will be very helpful in evaluating the current condition of and potential development for a constituent member of the Russian Federation.

Completed Projects

  • Drafting the core strategy for the social and economic development of Samara region for the period up until 2015.
  • The economic development of the Middle Volga region in the mid-term. The institutional aspects of merging regions.
  • A social and economic development program to unite Krasnoyarsk Territory for the mid- and long-term (2007-2017).
  • A social and economic development strategy for Novgorod region up until 2030 and a social and economic development program for Novgorod region until 2014.