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Modernizing the economy requires a thorough and comprehensive view of current conditions and developing the necessary economic policies. Overcoming barriers to development and creating favorable conditions for economic growth is possible only amid effective macroeconomic regulation. Ever since it was established, the IEF has actively taken part in work by government institutions to draft strategic documents and economic policy.

Oil & Gas

Natural resources have almost always played the determining role in a country's economy. A growth in global energy prices and demand has increased even more the role of the oil and gas sector in a country's economy and questions concerning energy supplies are now among the key political problems of international relations.        

Regional Development

The gap between individual Russian regions in key development indicators has reached 20- to 30-fold, which corresponds to the numerous differences among the diverse members of the United Nations. In such conditions drafting measures and proposals to balance out the development of Russian regions and preparing strategic documents at the regional level are some of the most important areas of activity for federal agencies and the Russian expert community.

Financial Sector

The financial sector has become the core infrastructure of the modern economy. The condition and development of financial markets determine the current health of companies and set the trend for economic growth. Therefore, we need both a constant analysis of current trends on global financial markets and the subsequent construction of an effective, strong and national financial system.


Electric power is a core sector of infrastructure that provides for the reliable supply of power to the public and the country's economy. The liberalization of the electricity market, the appearance of private investors in thermal generation and sales, as well as other changes that have taken place during reforms in the sector in the past several years require constant monitoring and study.