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Yuri Germanovich

Leading specialist of the Energy Department


The scope of activity – technological development and efficiency in energy sphere, analysis and evaluation of innovative technologies; comparative analysis of the scenarios of world & Russian energy development.

 Born in Moscow, 1962. Graduated by Lomonosov Moscow State University, faculty of mechanics and mathematics, PhD in mathematics. Then worked in Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics.

 Since 1999 is in energetic field, in particular, worked in ENGO Research Center of Foundation “Business East-West cooperation” and in Schlumberger Technological Company (Moscow office). He is one of the authors of the book (2011) “The investigation of the state and the prospects of oil refining, gas processing and of petrochemistry in Russia ” published in the cooperation with the Institute of contemporary development.

Selected publications on energy issues:

V.Feygin & Yu.G.Rykov. Russian gas supply and some prospects of small scale LNG units // NATO Science Series, II. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry 149 (2004), 135 – 156.

V.Feygin & Yu.G.Rykov. Innovative financial investments in energy sector – Russian perspective // Proceedings of “Energy talks Ossiah’06” (2006), 235 – 242.

O.Podgornova, A.Myasnikov, K.Bratvedt, Yu.Rykov, E.Koldoba & A.Koldoba. Thermodynamically consistent analytical approach for streamline simulations of multicomponent hydrocarbon reservoirs // SPE 107511, EAGE 69th Conference & Exhibition, London, UK, 11-14 June 2007, 6 p.

H.Mahgerefteh, G.Denton, Yu.Rykov. Pressurized CO2 pipeline rupture // HAZARDS XX – Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 15 – 17 April 2008, Manchester, UK, Symposium Series No. 154 (2008), 869 – 879.

.., .., .., .., ... // , . 21, . 10 (2009), 7 – 18.

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