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Mr. Feigin holds a Doctorate in Physics and Mathematical Science. His main specialty is regulating and developing the gas market and other energy resource markets. He has also conducted a systemic analysis of the development of large gas supply grids; designs models with the aim of creating an effective program to develop the unified gas supply system by optimizing gas flows; has created a detailed method to make decisions on the functioning of the unified gas supply system and the use of reserves. He uses the methods of applied mathematics to create models for the system's dynamics.

Mr. Feigin developed methods to effectively make decisions when studying such a unique and rapidly growing system like the unified gas supply system in Russia and to research the effectiveness of investment projects in Russia's gas sector. These methods were subsequently developed and used and they contributed to the construction of the large gas transport system. The management completed international projects in the energy sector through collaborative work with such Western partners and clients as leading oil and gas companies (Ruhrgas, British Gas, Total, Gaz de France, Nova, Gasunie), leading consulting companies (Ernst and Young, Beicip-Franlab), banks (the World Bank, EBRD, Warburg) and the European Union. Mr. Feigin has participated in a number of research and consulting projects in macroeconomics and regulatory aspects of the Russian and international gas industry for a World Bank loan (for Russia's Energy and Economics Ministries); and consulted with Russia's Federal Energy Commission on setting prices for services provided by gas distribution organizations. He played an active role in establishing the non-profit Gas Market Co-ordinator, which brings together major players on the gas market to draft mechanisms and procedures to develop the market and expand the free market sector. Mr. Feigin has taken part in a number of international projects in the energy sector as head of a Russian group of leading consultants.

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